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EKOTimber Wood Plastic Composite or EKOTimber WPC is a material made by integrating thermoplastics with wood flour. It is an ideal material for fabricating products that look great and function well without harming the environment.

As a pioneer of using advanced technical breakthroughs in moulding wood plastic composites, EKOTimber is well known for its range of products that are

Raghav Agarwal

Managing partner

When Mr. Raghav Agarwal, the managing partner, and his father Mr Vikram Agarwal, who acts like a mentor to him, started the company, their main aim was to drive the industry towards using sustainable alternatives to wood by manufacturing products that do not require trees to be cut unnecessarily. 

Mr. Raghav Agarwal, a young entrepreneur with a new vision, believes that saving trees is the core responsibility of each one of us and we all should choose to use products that conserve these valuable natural resources. With this in mind, EKOTimber works hard to manufacture high-quality WPC products that are environment friendly and ecologically sustainable.

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