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Door FrameDoor Frame

Built Solid

Door FrameDoor Frame

Built Solid

About WPC Door Frames

WPC door frames from EKOTimber are built to be as dense as wood, can be worked upon with the same technique and tools as used / adopted for natural wood, poses a high screw holding and nail holding capacity. These door frames come with various advantages over natural wood as illustrated below, but most importantly cost effectiveness, water – termite – acid proof.

Door Frame

Advantages of WPC Kitted Door Frames

  • Uniform Size.
  • Pre-finished & Pre-fabricated.
  • Value engineered design options.
  • Ready to Install.
  • Can be isntalled at any stage of construction.
  • No Reworking post installation.
  • Saves labour costs and time.
  • Compact Packaging.
  • Easy Handling.

WPC Doorframes

There are a host of benefits in using WPC door frames, which span both over Marble/Granite and Wood as well.

Advantages over wood

100% Waterproof

It does not absorb water which makes it immune to rot and mold. All you need to do is wipe it with a dry cloth.


Though WPC products from EKO Timber look & feel every bit like real wood, they are termite proof and do not house any pest.


Unlike wood, it does not catch and spread fire and can be easily installed in any application.

Faster & Easier installation

Our kitted door frame needs no reworking post installation.


Whether it be the monsoons, summer or winter, these door frames do not warp as they do not absorb moisture, making them the ideal choice for door frames.


Being a long-life polymer which can be recycled at will, it serves as sustainable alternative to wood, which saves & conserves our forest while also being lead-free.

Advantages over granite/marble

Cost effective and time saving

It takes a lot of mason hours to build as there is a 2-part application. Additionally, marble/granite when bought in blocks takes up too much working space.

Easy Installation

WPC doorframes are easier to install while marble/granite is heavy and need to be installed carefully, to prevent it from cracking and chipping.

Sound proof with great aesthetically

The frame looks like wood and can be used for all door frames in the house. It also provides better sound insulation compared to Granite frames.

Acid Proof

An acid used to clean the toilet, WPC products from EKO Timber remain unaffected by acid.

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