Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on WPC Door Frames


WPC Door Frames are the best alternative for natural wood, as well as plywood. They are the solution to the entire problem faced with plywood door frames. The WPC Material has more internal strength, durability, exclusive properties and above all, no trees are cut in their production. People have a lot of questions, so we have prepared a FAQs on WPC Door Frames. So, let us understand the composition of WPC on the whole.

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite and in terms of percentage, it comprises 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and the remaining 15% of the additive-chemical.

WPC is a material distinctly known for its ability to mold into any shape and size. It is made by integrating thermoplastics with wood flour. Wood-Plastic-Composites have a similar outward appearance to the wood, but they are more durable and can also be recycled hence being a great alternative to wood.

We have come across many questions or you can say FAQs on WPC Door Frames and we are here with all the answers available just for you! Read on to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions on WPC Door Frames:

1. Can WPC Door Frames catch fire easily?

WPC Door Frames are fireproof and unlike wood, this material does not catch or spread the fire. Widely known for its fire-resisting properties, WPC Door Frames are one of the best materials you can use in places where the occurrence of fire is a real chance and hence WPC Door Frames are highly recommended for installation in kitchen spaces or fire-prone areas. This is the first FAQs on WPC Door Frames people tend to ask.

2. Are WPC Door Frames waterproof?

WPC material does not absorb water which makes it immune to rot and mold. Door Frames made of WPC are totally waterproof and can withstand moisture. These WPC Door Frames are highly recommended for use in places like washrooms that contain high moisture levels. Sounds pretty normal but still is FAQs on WPC Door Frames.

3. How are WPC Door Frames Eco-friendly?

You must have wonder why this question exists in our FAQs on WPC Door Frames list. Well WPC serves as a sustainable alternative to wood, which helps us to save and conserve our forests. WPC itself is a compound mixture made up of recyclable items. Also, WPC door frames can be recycled whenever required.  Being the most environmentally friendly material used for building furniture, WPC Door Frames are the most efficient and eco-friendly option that can be used by people now.

4. Are WPC Door Frames UV resistant?

The existence of special compositions of pigments and UV Absorbers in the WPC Material helps the Door Frames from staying protected against the harmful UV rays and helps make the door frames fade-resistant. This property makes it an ideal material to be used in exterior door frames. This question is the most FAQs on WPC Door Frames asked by many people.

5. What is the lifespan of WPC Door Frames?

The high durability and long withstanding properties of WPC Door Frames help to increase the lifespan of it and the ideal lifespan of a good sturdy frame is said to be about 50 years. Since every person is looking for a long-lasting product, this question is been asked by many people and hence they enter our FAQs on WPC Door Frames list.

6. What is the best tool that can be used on WPC Door Frames?

One such FAQs on WPC Door Frames people have in their mind is regarding tools to use. Unlike other exclusive materials, WPC does not require any special kind of tools to be worked on. WPC Door Frames can easily be cut, screwed, engraved, drilled and sawed through just like wood and hence WPC is also termed as a carpenter-friendly material.

7. How is it better than PVC?

Even though both WPC and PVC have plastic-based components used while manufacturing, the composition of both materials is different. Additional materials are required to reinforce PVC when it is used. However, WPC does not require additional reinforcement since it is strong in itself. Not only that but WPC also has more versatility in terms of density as compared to PVC.

8. Does WPC swell like wood?

Being a waterproof and moisture resistant material, WPC does not allow any moisture to seep in therefore preventing the formation of any kinds of bubbles or swelling up on the exteriors or interiors of the door frame. Unlike wood, WPC door frames do not swell up even during monsoon weather.

9. Is it better than wood?

There are various distinct features that make WPC a better material than wood:

  • WPC Door Frames do not rot while wood does.
  • WPC is a Termite proof material while wood is not.
  • WPC is Fireproof while is not.
  • WPC Door Frames do not swell or shrink like wood.

10. Can WPC Door Frames be polished?

Wonder why this question made to our list of FAQs on WPC Door Frames? Well, WPC door frames do not actually need to be polished. Once you select the color of the doorframe you prefer, you can directly get it installed without any additional maintenance cost. You do not need to paint or polish it further.

11. Which brand manufactures the best WPC doorframes?

EKOTimber is a leading manufacturer in India of a wide range of WPC Door Frames made in a state-of-the-art facility that is committed to delivering excellence. The WPC Door Frames manufactured by EkoTimber are also formaldehyde & lead-free in order to benefit the environment. They are strong and durable as well.

Mentioned above are the few most commonly FAQs on WPC Door Frames and we have managed to club all the answers together for your convenience. We hope you now have a clear idea of how beneficial WPC actually is and why it is used widely. EkoTimber aims to slowly replace the usage of wood in construction with quality WPC products.

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