Myths About WPC Door Frames And The Truth


It’s time to clear some myths about WPC door frames. Not everyone knows what WPC exactly is and the benefits of using it in your homes. It is rightly said that half knowledge is always dangerous! It’s always better to get the right information before you make any decisions. It is the same in the case of choosing the right door frames for your home or workspace.

We’re here to help you with a detailed guide on the most common myths we’ve come across regarding WPC Door frames and prove them all wrong with some insightful information.

Read on to know more!

What is WPC?

WPC Door Frames are a wonderful alternative to wood or granite door frames. They are made up of the virgin polymer, wood powder and additive-chemicals. WPCs are produced by mixing ground wood particles along with the heated thermoplastic resin. They have the look and feel of wood but they are way more durable and can also be recycled. 

Let’s clear some misconceptions about them.

Most common myths about WPC Door Frames

  • WPC door frames are not strong enough

WPC Door Frames are made up of high-density material. This provides the frame with a great screw holding capacity. They are strong enough to withstand any kind of pressure imposed on them. WPC Door Frames are sturdy enough to face any climatic condition all year long. Proving it to be a pure myth, WPC Door frames are in fact durable and long-lasting as well.

  • They catch fire easily?

WPC Door Frames are highly recommended for installation in kitchen spaces or fire-prone areas solely because this material is fireproof and unlike wood, this material does not catch or spread the fire. Widely known for its fire-resisting properties, WPC Door Frames are one of the best materials you can use in places where the occurrence of fire is a real chance.

  • They are not environment friendly

Being a long-life polymer that can be recycled at any point in time, it serves as a sustainable alternative to wood, which saves & conserves our forest while also being lead-free. In fact, the material WPC itself is a compound mixture made up of recyclable items. Being the most environmentally-friendly material used for building furniture, WPC Door Frames are the most efficient and eco-friendly option that is used by people now.

  • They are not termite-proof

 Though WPC Door Frames look and feel every bit like real wood, they are termite-proof. No pests can harm them. As we all know pests are one of the major reasons for any kind of decay when it comes to furniture and when that’s eradicated the durability of the material can definitely be ensured! WPC is the most trusted material used for any kind of construction work in the outskirts especially in locations like farmhouses, where the problems of pests are aggravated. 

  • They are difficult to install

Being identified as the most Carpenter-Friendly material, WPC’s demand continues to grow in the market now. WPC Door Frames are very easy to work on since unlike wood, WPC is lighter and stronger which makes handling it easier. Also, like wood, it can be cut, screwed, engraved, drilled and sawed through! Thus, proving the fact that they are definitely not difficult to work with. Moreover, you can just buy ready-made sizes and all you need to do is to install them by joining the parts.

  • They are not waterproof

Washrooms usually have a high moisture level and WPC Door Frames are highly recommended to be placed in them proving this material to be totally waterproof. These door frames do not absorb water which makes them immune to rot and mould. Even if they get wet with water, they are just perfectly safe!


After reading this, I hope you have received some insightful information on WPC Door Frames and all myths have now been busted. It is always better to read and research about any new products before creating any kind of impression on it and falling for the trap of the myths believed by common people.

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