10 Things You Need to Know About WPC Door Frames


We’ve already introduced WPC door frames to you through our previous blog including their uses, features and much more. In this blog, we would like to dig deeper into WPC and help you gain a better understanding of it.

We can do this by assessing WPC and evaluating its pros and cons. After reading till the end, you can proudly say that you know 10 New Things about WPC! 

Firstly, let’s talk about the several benefits of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) and soon you will have enough information to understand why EkoTimer’s WPC door frames are indeed the right choice for you. Let’s begin, shall we?

Advantages of using WPC Door Frames:

1. Ideal For You And Ideal For The Environment 

Wood-plastic composites are more environmentally-friendly.

WPCs are considered a sustainable material because they are not only produced using recycled plastics and waste products of the wood industry but also leading to less waste and a greener environment. Save trees, Use WPC! 

2. Quality Is Assured

EkoTimber frames Guarantee Quality. WPC frames consist of stabilizing agents, modifiers, foaming agents and such elements that require a strict mixing ratio.

Due to the perfect blend of high-quality materials, WPC frames are high-quality material. 

3. Robust 

WPCs are maintenance-free. It does not corrode and is highly resistant to rot, decay, or warp like other timber used for interior and furniture making.

It remains untouched and unaffected from climatic conditions and provides security from water, fire and chemicals. It is also 100% termite proof, further increasing its durability. 

4. Just The Way You Like It 

As per the requirement and need, they can be moulded into different shapes and sizes.  There’s plenty of room for customization to make your frames look exactly like what you want.

They can be used for making designer doors and door frames, giving your furniture a rich and polished look. At Ekotimber, we have plenty of sizes available and you can check them out here. 

5. It Has Superpowers!

WPC is highly fire-resistant. WPC helps contain the fire, whereas plywood supports fire to spread because it burns with flame. It is the best option when you are choosing a panel for the fire-prone area.

A fire-retardant material is self-extinguishing and doesn’t ignite the fire when in touch with a fire source. It keeps yourself and your furnishings safe!

6. Convenience At Your Fingers 

A significant feature of these materials is their lack of need for painting, staining and oiling.

They undergo high-end surface treatments which make them unique as well as durable. Also, they are time-saving, labour-saving, and comparatively much easier to install. 

7. Bye Bye Ply 

WPC is a cost-effective and much more promising substitute to plywood. They also have better screw and nail holding capacity than plywood.

You can screw and unscrew at the same position more than ten times and it won’t get wobbly.


There are always Two Sides To A Coin. Everything has its flaws and so does WPC. To give you the best understanding possible, let’s now discuss some cons about WPC door frames

Disadvantages of using WPC Door Frames:

1. It’s Chemical Nature 

We are what we’re made of. WPC is made of a plastic polymer and wood fibers and as a result, any shortcomings of both these materials will be present in it. 

2. Not Made For Very High Temperatures

The resistance of WPC to extreme temperatures is low as compared to wood. If you put kitchen utensils directly on WPC boards it will cause a melting impression if the temperature is more than 70°C.

Also, the laser cutter cannot be used on WPC boards as it will melt the boards. If using WPCs, care must be taken when dealing with high temperatures.

3. A Different Feeling 

WPC does not have the texture that natural wood does. Hence the natural wood feel is missing when dealing with furniture and frames made of WPC. This is not necessarily a con, as it depends on what kind of texture an individual is looking for. 


The advantages of the WPC door frames have far outweighed the disadvantages. To find out more, check out our last blog and the pages on our website. You can also contact us for more information and any queries you may have. 

Our company, EkoTimber, is committed to providing a wide variety of WPC building materials made with state of the art technology. We value sustainability and through manufacturing WPC, we believe that we are helping our country take a step towards a greener future and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are India’s leading producer of WPC door frames and we do not disappoint. Our ready-to-install door frames have an excellent finish and save time and costs. What are you waiting for? Order now!

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