What Is WPC Door Frame? A Material Which Revolutionized The Construction Industry


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What is WPC?

What is WPC
  • WPC translates to Wood-Plastic Composites. They are a compound made of materials like wood fibre/flour and thermoplastics (such as polythene, polylactic acid, etc.). They provide for the integration of polymer and wood flour while facilitating optimal processing conditions to make a strong and durable structure.
  • The long-form of WPC is wood plastic composite. In terms of percentage it comprises 45% PVC, 35% calcium carbonate, 8% wood powder & 13% plastic processing additives. The additives include chemicals comprising a processing aid, impact modifiers, foaming agent, internal and external lubricants.

Uses of WPC

Uses of WPC

WPC boards are utilized for interior applications, exterior applications and advertisement. 

  • In interior application, WPC boards are used in kitchens, wall panelling, ceiling solution, wardrobes, industrial section, bathroom cabinets, windows and doors frames.
  • In exterior applications, WPC boards are manoeuvred in constructions/ shuttering boards, exterior wall cladding, garden furniture, park benches & fencing, prefabrication house, other exterior applications, outdoor deck flooring.
  • For advertisements, WPC boards are employed in building signboards, display boards, direct digital printing, exhibitions stands and graphics.

About Ekotimber

About Ekotimber
  • EKOTimber is a leading manufacturer, in India, of a wide range of WPC building materials made with state-of-the-art technology that is committed to delivering excellence. The WPC materials we manufacture are also formaldehyde & lead-free because we care for your well-being and the environment.
  • Our WPC products not only help reduce the felling of trees but are also recyclable, thus making it the most sustainable building material for the construction industry in the twenty-first century. Our products are a boon for offices looking to create a low carbon footprint and gain carbon credits for their business.
  • Ekotimber is also the dominant producer of WPC door frames. We also educate the audience regarding what is wpc, what are its features, etc. We’ve proven that our ready-to-install door frames are time-saving, cost-saving and have an excellent finish. We deliver premium quality WPC door frames with high screw withdrawal strength. This is tested in our in-house testing facility where we check the density, shore hardness, compressive strength, Charpy impact, etc.

Sizes Available in WPC Door Frames

Sizes Available in WPC Door Frames

Since, you know what is wpc, we have WPC door frames available in 6 different sizes and in 4 different lengths:

Lengths AvailableSizes Available
6′3″ x 2″
7′4″ x 2″
8′4″ x 2.5″
10′4.5″ x 2.5″
5″ x 2.5″
6″ x 2.5″

The density of WPC door frames is 0.750kg/m3.

What is WPC Door Frames?

What are WPC Door Frames
  • WPC door frame is the latest product in the world of WPC products and India, introduced just a few years back, but EKOTimber deems that this great product is the future of wooden frames.
  • Those who are aware of WPC expressed that WPC is a game-changer, and this revolutionary product will become the need for builders in terms of quality, pricing and product image. It is built especially for a healthy working environment. It will save a lot of time and cost for the customers as well as the manufacturers. 
  • WPC is without-a-doubt in the history of door frames, and in a few years, it will be the most appreciated product in the furniture industry. 
  • Unlike other conventional wooden door frames, WPC door frames are waterproof, sturdy, distortion resistant and have great adaptability to outdoor conditions. The product poses a great comfort for port base areas, hotels, and resorts and holds extraordinary possibilities to feel the building material suppliers of the wood panel business.

What is WPC Door Frames & Their Features

Features of our WPC door frames
  • One-hundred per cent waterproof: It does not absorb water which makes it immune to rot and mould. All you need to do is wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Termite-proof: Though WPC products from EKO Timber look & feel every bit like real wood, they are termite proof and do not house any pest.
  • Fire-retardant: Unlike wood, it does not catch and spread fire and can be easily installed in any application.
  • Faster and easier installation: Our kitted door frame needs no reworking post-installation.
  • Acclimatized: Whether it be the monsoons, summer or winter, these door frames do not warp as they do not absorb moisture, making them the ideal choice for door frames.
  • Eco-friendly: Being a long-life polymer that can be recycled at will, it serves as a sustainable alternative to wood, which saves & conserves our forest while also being lead-free.

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