5 Places Where Wpc Door Frames Can Be Installed
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5 Special Places Where You Can Install WPC Door Frames

5 Special Places Where You Can Install WPC Door Frames

WPC door frames can be used in a variety of places. They are extremely versatile and are a perfect fit for almost every home. However, let us first understand what exactly are WPC door frames and what are they made up of.

They comprise 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and 15% additive-chemicals which are made by integrating thermoplastics with wood flour. WPCs are produced by mixing ground wood particles along with the heated thermoplastic resin.

The most common method of production is the process of extruding the material into the desired shape, though injection moulding may also be used. You can also check out our blog what is wpc where you will find a detailed explanation about WPC.

WPC Door Frames are an intelligent alternative to wood. Since no trees are cut to produce them, they are environment friendly. If you are interested in knowing where you can use these WPC door frames, read on.

Top 5 Places Where You Can Fix WPC Door Frames

WPC Door Frames are convenient to fit in various places. Your carpenters can use the same tools that are used to fix wooden door frames. Nothing extra is required. As a matter of fact, installing WPC door frames is a lot easier than installing any other door frames. Being a manufactured product it is consistent in design and texture along with having additional mechanical and physical properties over natural wood.

Here are examples of 5 places where you can fix your WPC Door Frame and enjoy the benefits provided by it:

1) Kitchen

Since WPC Door Frames are fire-resistant, they can be installed even for the doors used in the kitchens of every household or for the kitchens of any restaurant or hotel. Manufactured with virgin materials which are eco-friendly in nature and high in density, WPC is tough on the inside while being beautifully finished on the outside and is an odourless material it is the perfect choice for installation in a kitchen.

2) Living/bedrooms

Ever seen the carpenters struggle their way to cut that one piece of wood?

It’s time to switch to WPC also known as the carpenter-friendly material. Now install a WPC Door Frame in your living room and bedrooms! Unlike wood, WPC is lighter and definitely stronger which makes handling it easier and just like wood it can be cut, screwed, engraved, drilled and sawed through.

3) Washrooms

Washrooms usually have a high moisture level. WPC Door Frames are moisture-proof, which makes them the ideal choice for washroom door frames. These door frames do not absorb water which makes them immune to rot and mould. Even if they get wet with water, they are safe.

4) Office

When you are attending a meeting at your workplace, silence and privacy is your topmost concern. Installing a WPC Door Frame can be the best option for a situation like this since they are soundproof with great aesthetics and can be installed easily and quickly.

5) Farmhouse

You obviously want the best for your farmhouse, A WPC Door Frame is the answer for it!

Keep your farmhouse safe from pests. WPC is totally Termite Proof even though they look and feel like real wood and do not house any pests saving your property from any kind of damage caused due to pests!

Additionally,  since they are fireproof, you need not worry about any kind of damage caused by a fire spread(if any) in that particular area.


  • By now we know that WPC Door Frames can be installed in a variety of places. They also have a lot of advantages. They are fireproof, moisture resistant, termite-proof, and are a sustainable alternative to wood.
  • WPC door frames are the next great revolution that has come about in the area of door frames, and they are already prevalent.
  • If you are looking for some good door frames for your house, then companies like EKOtimber provide some of the best quality WPC door frames for you. Have a look at their collection and see which ones fit your needs in the bedroom, the kitchen, the halls, your offices or any other spaces that require strong door frames for sturdy doors.
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